Educated Insolence

Ever heard this term? Educated masses are considered rude towards the lesser privileged, an outcry by the latter. We consider education as a privilege and an acclaimed status over others. Whenever a village bloke says something in broken English or logically flawed we do not wait a second before questioning his/her education. Read the funny invectives on youtube video’s of politicians speaking [butchering] queen’s language.

The city school Vs village school routine. Inter school competition, bruised ego’s any one?. Whenever the lesser educated failed to understand our ways of living, we shrug it off by saying that it was a misconception and they are uneducated and hence they couldn’t know better. Irony isn’t It.? I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t listen to an educated person spewing out nonsense with perfect grammar rather than listen to a village bloke whose parlance is riddled with errors and inconsistencies. I feel that what the uneducated denizens from the underbelly of rural grounds say has some truth to the claim.

Education does render us a brazen quality which we should not proud of. Once my friend said that being graduated in Georgia tech did enable him to begin a conversation with any one in cutting edge technology, but when it came to holding a conversation a local vegetable vendor he was lost for words and waiting for his mom to come to his rescue. This problem has roots in our childhood.

I still remember when my mom used to drop me off to school had once constant advice that I mingle with students who are good at studies and not bad. If my grades dipped one of the constant reasons would be, “why did you roam around with keshav, see vinod his friend circle has all students who got above 90% . You better join his group now”. Even the teachers would rehash this preamble by seating the good students with better students in order to augment their grades with not any regard to their personal like/dislike. We are taught that being bad at grades is wrong and that poor grades might breed contempt and bad behavior. The gulf widens as age grows and I would dare say that replace education factor with community, religion, race we place our selves in a higher plane than the lesser privileged.

When I was in 3rd grade I was really bad in math[still I am] and whenever I was bad at some problem I being a proverbial doubt-master would raise question’s whenever I did not understand any concept and my teacher would solve the whole question all over again. And once during a parent teacher meeting she said that

I was her favorite student despite being bad at math. I was left puzzled but after a few years I went back to my teacher and asked her why she said so, she looked withered and wrinkled but she still had the sparkle in her eyes. She said that “Your doubts were helpful to other students too, and it gave those who were afraid to raise questions a better explanation”. Never did I see an iota of anger or frustration in her even at that age after decades of teaching the same problems. Yet i would fly off the handle often trying to teach my parents about internet.

I feel bad now and i am more sympathetic and take a lot of effor to help them out. However during engineering or high school if we were to question our professors a simple doubt in front of the class we would be[9/10 cases] damned and asked to solve it for ourselves. We wouldn’t be encouraged because of the fear of feeling stupid is very overpowering.

So does that mean that the more we are educated the deeper the divide between us and others? Though I am not apologetic about it I sure do think so.


2 thoughts on “Educated Insolence

  1. its not with everyone out there. some ppl do get high air without being so called educated of elite… some who are elite and educated still be humble and down to earth.
    from my perception its on human mind and varies from person to person.

    btw nice blog and thoughtful.


  2. Truly a serious point that needs discussion. A few primary objectives of education are to narrow the gap between the learners and to instill knowledge, values and individuality among them. But it does no happen.

    I was also thinking about the same and went a bit deeper into the fundamental causes behind this. If you do not mind you may read my post.

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