(Un)Fair and Lovely

I read an interesting article .


And it got me thinking, why? I’ll never know. But while changing the channels on TV.I came across plenty of fairness cream advertisements which revolved around this obsession for fairness.

A pretty girl is unhappy because her work is over looked by her superiors. She feels that it is because of her looks read dark complexion, dark spots or anything that is natural with her. It inhibits her to succeed or to be accepted. A friend who sympathizes with her comes to her rescue and recommends a fairness cream and after a crescendo in the back ground music the girl is now as pretty as Cinderella.

Let us give it a perspective, women who want to feel independent and empowered use fairness creams in order to get approval and recognition from a chauvinistic male society which disregarded them at the first place. Wink.

Now I would like to believe that I am a person of profound thoughts and that I am not narrow minded .I don’t expect fairness to be THE defining quality which decides the beauty of my opposite gender. There are many things like weight, figure, smile and a sense of humor doesn’t hurt. Have you ever noticed that the women or girls in such advertisements are never anorexic or walrus fat?

They are projected in such a way that the only impediment to their looks are the photo shopped pixilated dark spots.

I doubt whether these products would really sell in future thanks to a terribly skewed sex ratio. Ladies need not try so hard.


What these advertisements scream and society reflects is that presentation is everything. What shines, sells. And this is the only maxim that the marketing heads seem to follow. And there was I warped in my ignorance thinking the only people who put so much importance to presentation/looks were pimps.

I have sympathy for girls who are attractive and use it to their advantage. Yes you read it right, Sympathy. It is because the insecure and people of lesser veritable looks constantly rebuke them by ascribing adjectives such as “bimbo/blond” and explicitly state that “She uses her looks to get whatever she wants”. “It is only because she is fair, it is so unfair booh”. Now though that may be an exceedingly unfair criticism it has some truth to it.

It is an unwritten fact that people find fairer people more trustworthy than the dark skinned ones. How many actors found their niche in politics solely through their looks? To feed our want of hearing politically correct things, here is a small dissertation.

Fair looks magnify things. If a dark celebrity does something good. It looks good. If a white celebrity was to do some good it looks better .Go figure. No I am not talking about the minority who are intellectually capable of differentiating between preference and prejudice.

But I wonder, consider this hypothetical situation:

“If dark skin was in and there is a tectonic shift in perception. People use tanning lotions to look darker as it is the new thing and is socially acknowledged by the success of people with dark complexion. Now would folks who have dark complexion, use this to their advantage?”

I am Beautiful.Mannequin

Do I hear a resounding YES?

A popular holier than thou conception is “Be aware that looks are a very slim shortcut to success and needs to be backed by some talent in any industry”. But fortunately or otherwise society is not fair and is prejudiced and gullible. And one can use their new found good looks to any extent, As long as they know how to sell it, more importantly whom to sell it to.

Notice that I used the word sell which would make a few people cringe but if I had said Marketed, I would have sounded more acceptable. We are very fond of euphemism aren’t we?

Do not criticize fairness creams, plastic surgery or any superficial activity aimed at accentuating beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. NOT.

We tend to judge ourselves by circumstances and others by morals. – Art of Living.


6 thoughts on “(Un)Fair and Lovely

  1. i beg to differ…first on the fact that no matter how much v say tht WE do not give a higher regard (specially in the 1st meeting) to fsir, good looking ppl..the truth is opposite.
    and having said the above, i would still say tht for ppl trust has nothing to do with complexion. its just the 1st impression tht gives higher grades to the fairer side!

    • When you say its the opposite, how does it become fair judgment?. You mean to say if a person is fair you won’t have higher regard for them as you have learned many a white people have done enough to gain your mistrust.

      This is exactly what my post reflects. Affliction with skin [any]color is down right immature. It is sad that if some one says they love dark people more than fair one they are considered liberal and kind.
      In truth they are racists as well :-).

  2. I think there was a similar article ( along the same lines) in some magazine few years back. And then. there was that bollywood celeb who refused to promote a fairness cream because she thought it was like vouching for racism.

    Very well written.

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