Of T rajendar, Taylor Swift and Tolerance

For the uninitiated T Rajendar is a jolly fat bloke from the tamil movie industry. He is produces and acts in loud, trashy, rural scripts (rural both in message and presentation) and a wanna be politician. He is tamil nadu’s very own “Moob”y dick.

Dirty dancing

Taylor swift is one of the most provocatively irritating female artists I have ever come across. She sounds like the male equivalent of Justin beiber. A lovely quotation I heard from a friend’s status “You know which song of Taylor swift sounds similar? Every”

Her lyrics too are irritable and puerile. It is the twilight meets Hanna Montana script in her songs. “I look at his eyes, his eye lashes, and his hair”.

Devil incarnate

I find this teen emotional foreplay intolerable to my trained ears. Now what does this marriage of irritating music of different genres result in? To find out more read on.


Our software development section is currently a pity small team of 10 members and there are cushy cubicles for our comfort. Unfortunately many of us tend to listen to music from little speakers instead of headphones. My headphone jack is broken hence I was given a rude introduction to their taste in music a few weeks ago. There are 3 ultra religious folks who listen to their music and seek solace as if it was Armageddon yesterday. No complaints there, heck I can’t complain in this insular work place [read country], lest should I want my head knocked off from my shoulder.

So yes I am obliged to “respect” their taste in music. The remaining are fans of Britney spears, lady gaga, PSD , beiber and other silly girl bands. It gets to my nerves. Once my manager said to me, “Hey you must tolerate other’s culture as well, we are all a family”. You know the pop wisdom which managers render and wait for your expression which must reflect admiration and submission?

Given my lack of facial expression it would something between a horny guinea pig and a parrot’s fart face. So I usually look down when such advice is given. And the over smart Asian folks chipped in stating that I need to have taste in “English music”.

In Asian colloquial terms English is not related to Britain, anything that is western is considered Ingliss. I could have showed him my impressive playlist of assorted music saved over a few years (ill ignore this opportunity to show case how brilliant my taste in music is). But I decided against it and wanted to play along the role of a bumbling stereotype Indian who gnaws at western “culture”. I downloaded every rotten, downright abomination of music produced by T rajendar and I am playing on sweet 2.1 creative speakers.

I have pissed off already 4 out of 6 guys and soon in a week I would have proved my point that tolerance isn’t in accepting acceptable behavior or culture.

Tolerance is about controlling your urge not to beat the daylights out of a guy like a soprano as he kills your brain cells with cancerous music and rude attitude. It is not tolerance if I say “Hey I don’t mind having dumplings and white wine being shared with me for lunch”, because I love them. However when you give me pancit (noodles,shrimps, chicken and cattle fodder mixed in washing machine) and take away my delicious pulao with raitha which my mom made .All in the name of “sharing culture”. I get more pissed off than mel gibson at a Jewish convention.

Yet I take it without declining by downing a can of cola so that the food does not touch the food pipe. Or roll my eyes suggestively and caress my stomach to indicate that the food was divine (In Indian customs it is either that or give a loud burp to indicate our satisfaction over the meal) I chose the former to save blushes. That is tolerance.

If I get 99/100 throughout my school and if my parents say that we “tolerate” our son’s achievement, does it merit any logic? On the same hand they treated me with same love and respect even though I failed them in their academic and social expectancy. That is tolerance.

If you are invited to your neighbours place for lunch who hails from a different culture and the host asks a question like “How is the food”? Do you have a choice to say no? Most of us don’t answer in the negative to sound courteous. And this is tolerance to me.

This begs the question could we ever criticize or comment on things that we do not like about other’s culture without coming across as racist?

For a start could we be progressive enough to accept allow criticism of our own culture?


One thought on “Of T rajendar, Taylor Swift and Tolerance

  1. “I downloaded every rotten, downright abomination of music produced by T rajendar and I am playing on sweet 2.1 creative speakers” >> hahaha !

    Nice !

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