Politically Incorrect


A lot of readers had protested saying that it is unjustified to name the girls and the families caste there as it could cause riots and divide people. They want to consider this as an isolated incidence.

Assuming that the action was a result of hate crime towards the tribe by another tribe, should we still absolve the reason why crime was committed? Why is “sentiment” our soft under belly? Terrorism doesn’t hurt, Inflation doesn’t hurt, Unemployment never hurt, recession doesn’t hurt but TRUTH DOES?

Being politically correct is a method of euphemism for trying to save one’s skin or kiss someone’s ass for leverage. Let me give you an example.

When my colleagues get bored they mostly pick on Indian culture, criticize Indian habits all in the name of social humor. I seriously wish that I was a theist so that I can piss them off more but I try really hard.

Yesterday a couple of EGYPTIAN colleagues tried to keep a conversation going and it zeroed in on religion. I think these guys get a brownie point from their messiah every time they preach to a non believer cough non Muslim. They asked me what religion do I belong too.  I said I am Hindu by birth.

They winked to each other making me uneasy. I shifted my feet but I didn’t want to chicken out of the argument so soon. They started asking me about Hindu ism in general and mocked how we could worship so many gods etc… I patiently answered without sarcasm in a matter-of-fact-tone.

Now they asked me what I thought about their religion. Tricky question, they must have had Religious Police http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2399885.stm on speed dial. I replied that I cannot afford to comment. They prodded me further asking “Why Are you not proud of your religion”? Go ahead share your views.

I said that the question is baseless because if I answered in anything but praise for their belief I would be charged under blasphemy and hence it is a no brainer. Don’t believe me read the below link.


And I added that I don’t have an option but to agree to the opinion that your belief is the best.

They: it means you have something different in your mind.

Me: Yes

They: What is that?

Me: I would love to tell you but it’s just that I don’t want to go to jail or get killed to be honest.

They:Get an eureka moment.Ah! So you are a coward you can’t stand up for what you believe.

Me: Yes, I am a simple minded human being I’ll say whatever it takes to save my life. Survival of the fittest you see.

They: Look at each other murmuring in Arabic and said in the end. They said “Well it is late now go worship your cow”.

Now trick question for people who say I must not bring religion into this discussion because it is politically incorrect.

Why was I picked up by these two bullies?

  1. Because I love Bryan Adams
  2. Because I was having a bad hair day.
  3. Because I belonged to a religion different and in their heads inferior to theirs.

For those who got the correct answer, congratulations. For others who think it’s because I love Bryan Adams, well his music is a guilty pleasure.

The point that pacifists make is that there are millions who practice that faith and live in perfect harmony amongst others. Hence no malice must be attributed to their belief.

Now they are these pious and holier-than-thou brigade say that western media, violent video games, death metal music and profanity laden shows harm culture.And they need censoring. From Danish cartoons to South park to Harry potter.


I can show you girls who won’t put out and behave like brats or divas just because they watch Bindass, FTV, Baywatch or californication (a TV show filled with drugs, nudity and brilliant humor). I can show you a million guys who still don’t find girls all head over heels over them even after they imitate Emraan hashmi aka serial kisser to the Tee.

I can show you millions of heavy metal fans who are against violence. Bands like Metallica, Iron maiden and even Marilyn Manson were human right activists! They just sell your so called “violent music” like you sell a place in heaven.


If you think alcohol, western media, free press and influx of western culture are at fault for misguiding the youth then why don’t I see you zealots marching the roads with protests like “Ho ho ho, religion must go” post 9/11.

But I know my answer and I learned it from rats. Don’t do things that might get you killed, simple but true. It doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong as long as you have a head above your shoulder. Hence ill have to admit at gun/knife point that YOU ARE SUPERIOR.

P.S: What I recounted was a true incident. If you are smart enough to get offended by this article, then yeah probably I MEANT IT.

P.P.S: I haven’t singled out a religion and I believe I have the right to hold my opinion on the basis of my experiences rather that what others want to hear.


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