Live and let facebook

In recent past I have been reading quite a few articles about Facebook. On how it has grown into the social spectrum in itself and how people now don’t respect quality real time as they used to before. Many authors have held their apprehensions about this. Some engaged in humor, suggesting Facebook may replace the dating life as we see it and some sounded like doomsday shrinks, predicting the collapse of social existence.

One of the beefs of these folks with the social network is that it is not REAL. That it doesn’t depict reality and I agree with them not everyone has acne free faces as they seem on their profile picture (Fondly called as display pic). Not everyone is “cool” or “intellectual” as their profile page suggests.

Many look not so picture perfect in real life and seem to be cheerful only in their online avatar’s. Well how is that a bad thing I ask? Wouldn’t it be nice if others got to see the only bright side of our personalities? I for one would never want to show my rage after a disappointing day at office.

And also many feel that it is easier to talk to someone through the web rather than face the awkward pauses after mutual greeting. Think about the silent company of friends who do accompany you to the coffee shop visits but almost always keep quiet. The fat spectacled girl friend of the attractive girl, the nerdy sidekick to a dude, the man Friday to a power loving alpha male, those socially mute colleagues at the office who are punching bags to the team leaders ego. The list goes on.

Facebook isn’t about you or me it is about us. And that is what an ideal society must be, where everyone gets a fair chance to communicate, befriend and make their presence felt. Unfortunately world by large is not fair and these minions never get their fair share of the fun. It might be due to their domineering peers, friends or just being plain introvert. Not out of choice that is.

And if you feel that I pander to a group of people who are fake and shallow, I beg to differ. Of course the web is rife with jerks and stalkers who don’t have a life. But the same holds true in real life. We talk about one’s true personality.

I think our polite and calm demeanor owes a lot to circumstances and obligations. Suppose I am at a client meeting, it wouldn’t reflect nice of me if I fart out loud or pick my nose or comment how many pounds my client gained since the past meeting.

P.S: Our client does it all the time, hence the need for such a vivid visual aid.

I would probably lose my job if I committed such grand social gaffes. Hence we learn manners, etiquettes and socially acceptable norms while behaving in the society. Isn’t this affected or fake behavior too?

Unfortunately identity in the current world is not who we are . It how we want to be perceived.

And hence I find it to be over rated. And if you really feel that Facebook is so evil. Don’t call upon its ban like Pakistan did a few months ago, just stop visiting it.

As Salman Rushdie said

It is very, very easy not to be offended by a book. You just have to shut it.

In the end, if at all it is our innate feelings which are at fault not Facebook.

Live and let Facebook.


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