Move on

Break up is a cruel thing to happen to anyone. It makes you hollow from inside and eliminates any hope for happiness. The immediate days following break up are the worst. You wake up in the morning and there is nothing to look forward to. Well…

I am not going to discuss the sad part now. Being the insensitive and irreverent idiot I am, I won’t talk about break up’s in the traditional sense. I have been in the middle of a few break ups. Mostly of my friends who fortunately did not have to rely on me to get out of their misery. Following are some of the advices which people give for getting over a break up.

#She is a bitch and I knew it.

As friends we are expected to convince the lovelorn guy that there is more to him than her. The standard sentiment echoed by the friends of the guy is that she is a bitch; it is the sour-grapes philosophy. Forget her, I knew the way she looks at guys, it’s so immoral etc… Yes friends become suddenly border line misogynists to please the guy who just broke up.

Hmm well this guy wanted more than running behind trees and holding hands. No? After all isn’t love at first sight, lust? But logic never consoles the bereaving.

#Dude, lot’s of fishes in the sea.

Truth: Just because a girl is single, doesn’t mean she is available.

The guy who said that would most probably be single all his life and the closest he has been in a relationship with a girl would have been the customer care employee who is taking care of his credit card. But hey we all love to give advices, don’t we.

# Write out your feelings, express yourself to get that anger out. (Not a standard male advice)

This is mostly a girl’s advice and doesn’t work for guys. Writing your feelings out, in this case is like sex. Just because you do it doesn’t mean you are good at it. And surely not everyone is Tolstoy. The anger within them makes them think like they should start blogging. Fair enough (but just don’t annoy us about 3 times a minute to read your blog). Almost all blogs initially are typical rants about someone or something. But the blogs post break ups are the worst. They are terrible and so unkind to literature.

And it is wrong when someone wants you to hate a person, just because things did not go well between them.

#Dude she is not worth it, you are better. Aka Confidence boost.

Guys some time in an act of desperate measure, convince his sad friend that he is good enough for a better looking girl. Now we mean only well, but sometimes the guy gets carried away. The next thing you know, he is trying to hit on a babe who is light-years out of his league. But we don’t have it in us to say it out to him that “Dude, seriously take a look at yourself”.

#Take in the pain (Again a girl’s advice)

This advice is more profound as it wants the sufferer to dwell in misery and get out of it in his own pace. This advice can be useful; I have seen many girls preferring a guy who has broken up rather to a guy who is single (Again I am clueless as to why?). So having a gloomy, scrubby look might not hurt after all. But please be nice to our nostrils and remember to use cologne.

#Dude. Stop being a loser, hahaha you broke up.

This is the best advice ever. It is given by folks like me who hate awkward pauses and agony aunts. One of my friends actually got turned down by this girl. He puts up a status like “To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, but to be loved by the one you love is everything”.

My comment: “Gay” and that has 7 likes. I know I can be an asshole. I said “Can” not “Am”, right? Oh never mind. I promise, I will come up with a better get-over-it quote.

So what is the best advice post break up, I think the last one. And this is from my own experience. Lack of attention can do wonders to your personality. When you are weak and lonely all you need is a company of friends who don’t care about your love life. Mentions about your break up an all that chicken-soup-for-the-soul stuff might sound warm and cozy, but it will come back to bite you.

You are the best support system, you could ever find. (See I stayed true to my promise).

Carpe diem (Seize the day and get new batteries for the remote).



5 thoughts on “Move on

  1. Okay! To be honest, if i was to “console” someone today, even i’d just say “Gay”, but earlier i wouldn’t have said so. These days we’re all scared of feelings. Yes, we are. We run away from strong emotion, be it passionate love or killing pain. We’re just not strong anymore to face it. We’re a fast generation. Everything has to move on fast, we need to get to the top fast, we need to give up fast, we want food that comes fast…so on and so forth. It’s just got to be quick! Doesn’t matter how real it is.

  2. Break up therapy… good good!
    I like the writing it out part the best. It sure is girlie advice but like you say, is actually a unisex solution. Nothing is as liberating and refreshing as writing/venting.
    Even the confidence boosters sound good. After a break up, it’s but natural to crave more comfort from friends and to be told you will be fine.
    Good tips but I hope lesser people need to apply them. 😀

    • I wasn’t suggesting anything. Merely the documenting the kinds i heard or got to see. I wager you this, you won’t find a guy analyze this post as active as you and my friend sameen(amarllys below). We guys rarely protest anything and don’t have any educated or matured response to a break up as so many girls do.

      Hence I chose to comment on its silliness.

  3. Haha. Just goes to show that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.
    They can’t help needing different kinds of advice.

    And I agree, lack of attention is truly necessary. It hurts at first but that’s gonna be the only way to get over someone.
    I know someone who went crazy after a breakup, merely because she couldn’t let go of thoughts of her ex. She couldn’t divert her attention to more productive stuff.
    Awesome article!

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