Word of the day


Word of the day: I am currently reading “The book thief” by mark zusack. It is about a little girl and her fascination for words and books in general during the Nazi rule. It kindled me, with the same kind of affliction I had for words while growing up. Some words are like tunes, refuse to go out of your mind and get stuck like sand in a ball of cotton.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chennai in a pretty conservative society. I wasn’t a compulsive curser. I mean if I were to kick my bed, I wouldn’t *suggest that it(an innate object) was too close to its female relatives(Read bc, mc etc…)

The max I would say is “Aaargh” or shit. Now when I came to Mumbai, I observed that people were more liberal with curses. Especially “Fuck” which I will refer to as fellatio in future. Just to come off as more polished, even though I am uncouth inside. Like chetan bhagat, IIPM, Karan Johar etc…

Once I was talking to a fellow south Indian (Tamilian) who grew up in Mumbai as why he drops the F bomb so often. He looked back at me in shame and said well… and fumbled for words and kind of apologized. He said he will ration his abuses in future.

I felt really good and had one of those moments, where you say something casually and people seem to be affected by it. But when you realize that it fetched you an audience, you pretend as if you were really mature to come up with those words.

On another occasion I chased a guy through the mechanics lab and a couple of stairs only to hold him by the scuff of his collar. He had used the M word on me. He got piss scared and apologized. Yes I gave him **“I-will-eat-your-liver-with-flava-beans-and-a-Nice-Chianti” look. I was once capable of such malice X-|.

I came back and emulated that look against a mirror and it was very close to my horny face. No wonder the guy was petrified.

Another episode: On a completely innocuous note when I was young I used to watch Bold and beautiful with my mother. I couldn’t understand much but the blonde’s and their accent were alluring to say the least. I guess I was in third grade and I caught someone say “Bastard” on screen. My mom tried to mute it but she fumbled and was too late. The word registered in my head and it became my word of the day. I would say “You bastard” to everything. I began from washing machine to utensils in the kitchen to the cat which would protest with a loud meow.

My mom went berserk chiding me for using the word. She recounts she had to bribe me with chocolates, as being a pain in the ass. I would always ask her the meaning for every action. So I had demanded her to explain what the word means, if she wants me to stop saying it.

So what is your word of the day?


*-quoting stupidusmaximus

*-Hannibal lecter.


2 thoughts on “Word of the day

  1. Ha ha interesting word of the day you had. I can imagine how your dear Mom must have felt. 😀
    The world lives on abuses today. Television channels (read MTV, Channel V) have beeps spanning thew entire length of the show and stars mouth abuses at such unnecessary junctures in movies that they seem almost deliberate. But people laugh and voila, the abuse is a success.

    I have a very tiny collection of abuses and even those I don’t use. I have other ways of getting back at people/situations for that matter. 😀

  2. Delhi is pretty famous for that. I saw girls mouthing off in hindi, it was guilty pleasure.

    Using a curse to get back at some one is one thing. But saying abusing your internet explorer or the lace that won’t untie itself is something different :D.

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