Gay ho

A few pointers before you read this piece.

  1. I wouldn’t pretend but I know nothing how gays feel about their status in our country.
  2. I have never interacted socially or conversed with a gay person to know more about them.
  3. My arguments spring from basic empathy, social conscience and irreverence towards religious dogma.

Census is out and so is the jury. Our population now stands at an impressive 1.2 billion. Man is a social animal, and if we are in excess, they are trouble.

On another note, People might tell you that 940/1000 sex ratio is actually an improvement. But it is light years away from being even remotely healthy. The news was the perfect catalyst for me to write this article which I always wanted to write about – the need for gays in a society.


Just take a look at the sex ratio, its 940/1000. With gays in the picture, the number would be more balanced. As gay men take out gay men (no pun intended), there is a chance to achieve martial equilibrium.

Reduces the competition

Have you ever been in a situation like this before. There is a bonfire and your lady friend whom you like starts to describe her ideal man.
Girl : Must be handsome and in shape
I : Wonders is round a shape?
Girl : Must have good taste in fashion staring at my mismatched socks.
I : Meekly protest. Hey aren’t grey and dark grey both grey?
Girl : Must have great culinary skills, must like books like eat, pray and love and movies like twilight. Must have a great dressing sense, should be able to dance, be sensitive to women’s issues and extend empathy
I : Give up and walk out of the bonfire
I am sorry but my straight genes refuse to identify any of those qualities with a straight guy. Partly it might be fueled because of denial, that I share none of the aforementioned qualities.

Don’t get a word of what I am saying. Take a look at Russell Brand explaining how he lands women by acting gay.

Reduce population

Bikini clad women on posters. No. Nudity in cinema. No. Sex education. No. We are against anything that we assume might initiate coitus, but not the end product of it which is rendering a child.

Without proper planning, population explosion could be cancerous to any growing economy. For the uninitiated, Homosexual people cannot give birth. Uncanny it might seem, but I feel “They are giving the biggest gift to mankind by not creating one”.


There are so many kids who are left isolated and deprived of a family in foster homes. Thanks to a stigmatized society, sects of the society who want to adopt kids are being denied a chance. Imagine a right to a good life to all those hapless souls.

Thanks to dogma we are denying both the couple as well as the children a right to good life.

Women empowerment

Let me explain. Imagine this scenario in the future. I hope this never happens to anyone, but here goes

“The guy is kind of a roadside Romeo. He enjoys eve teasing and harassing girls in the neighborhood. And it is a neighborhood far away from the jurisdiction of Rajnikanth. So there is no respite for the ladies. He frequently gets away due to his father’s clout in the society.
One unfortunate day, He returns to home after being heckled and abused in the street. Gay men tease, hoot and even attempt to manhandle him. The boy returns home and his recounts his horrific tale to his family.
His neighbors gather around and an elderly lady speaks” Boys from good families don’t go out in the dark. Look at the way you are dressed. Who is this jockey and why do you want others to know what brand of underwear you are wearing? It is an open invitation for abuse when you dress like that”

Someone from the crowd heckles “Akela ladka, khuli hui tijori ki tarah hota hai”.

This is where girls get to say “How does it feel now?”

Instead of trying to mete out justice to the boy, he is being told that it was his mistake in the first place to dress like a man-whore (not stud) and step out after 9 pm.

P.S: Ladies if I don’t get Hi-5 for this, I give up. I have no clue on how to impress you any further. I am going to stop working on my washboard abs and a rugged English accent.

And people don’t be afraid when religious leaders and scriptures say that “God hates fags” and anyone who supports them would burn in hell. They are the same bunch who threatened Copernicus, Galileo for their discoveries in science. It is won’t be far from truth to say that their learning curve is quite long. As it takes about 4-5 centuries before they can catch up with common sense, let alone intelligence and empathy.

So with an awkward pause and bated breath, I wait for your response (judgment).

Gay ho?


9 thoughts on “Gay ho

  1. Good topic to pen down on!

    I’ve always maintained that homosexuality is a boon to India and India should value its importance – contribution to population control and support and legalize it…

    However, the bit on women empowerment !! well, well…we dun want to equal men in eve-teasing!

  2. Ha ha ha… 😀 please excuse the laughter but this was one gem of a post. Super like!
    I appreciate the in-depth research…the man-whore incident tugs at the heartstrings. It is high time the brawny sex realizes how it feels to be eve-teased and manhandled. The population reduction idea works too – it reminds me of how my grandpa proposes catastrophe for population control.
    As far as my stance on the gay subject, nah, I refrain from saying much on the record. Too many tabloid type people lurk around for titbits you see. 😀

    But yes, fantastic reading Dhanesh. 😀

    • Thank you Debo, So even tabloids seem to have been searching for your write ups :-). It seems there is no middle line on this discussion, either you are a homophobe or homosexual yourself. It is rare to see straight folks come out and speak out for them.

      Even if they do they need to scream in marquee’s I am straight. Glad you like the post 🙂

  3. The Russell Brand inclusion was just the icing on the cake! Just loved to read the part where men turn into the vulnerable object of the society! Every girl dreams of this day! =P

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