Goodwill god and humanity

I am often told that I am not very good at explaining things, but I will take a stab at explaining my understanding of atheism here. I can’t be seriously taken as I still believe Rajnikanth is capable of everything humanly possible and otherwise.

I see a certain inconsistency when morality is explained through the myopic glasses of religion. Every religion has a messiah who suffered or died for a greater cause. In all of these fairy tales (or facts as the religious people believe), wait an aberration in thought. Why would you need to believe in a fact? A fact is a fact where you believe it or not isn’t’ it? Do you believe that water boils at 273 Fahrenheit or do you know it? Don’t give me the shit about how you can’t see wind doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I knew wind exists when it blew Marilyn Monroe’s skirt up.


Wind energy

Anyway in all this make believe tales the protagonist is a weak, unassuming humble guy (Very rarely a woman as most religious fathers were closet male chauvinists) who is stacked against all odds. While on the other hand the evil person is affluent, mean, stronger and the kind of person on whom you would have your money on. So in the epic battle of good vs. bad, a stroke of luck or good karma helps the good guy to prevail over bad.

And hence our faith in god though tested is reassured and we become only more religious. Now imagine this, the devil is a poor, unassuming, weak and humble (Sort of like Gollum from Lord of the Rings). But in heart he is evil, while on the other hand god is almighty, strong and all powerful. If there was a battle between him and evil, and when good prevails over evil, would you still feel so comfortable? Would you still feel so good about god if devil was tortured in front of all, being subjected to third degree torture and punishment (Remember he might be weak, but he is still all evil).

I feel intellectually insulted when people give hackneyed explanation for tying morality and religious faith. They claim without subservience to a higher being we cannot gain morality and we would behave like animals. Well what’s wrong in the way that they behave I ask? I love nature, I haven’t seen any animal kill each other for entertainment, religious difference, ego, for refused to serve drinks after closing hours or killing them for making hand bags or testing Axe deodorant on them.

I am sure most of you might have seen Jaws, the movie. For those who haven’t it is about an unreasonably big shark which attacks people who swim in sea filled with other sharks. I personally felt so disappointed that the shark was killed. The sea is the shark’s natural habitat and when you encroach it for leisurely reasons why shouldn’t it defend itself? And if you happen to be a fodder it is your bad luck. Cool off in the pool or travel elsewhere. But why kill the shark?

Won’t you hunt down rodents and mice if they occupy your kitchen? How is it, that it is encroachment if animals do it but when we humans do it is industrialization? I am not a misanthrope for I don’t hate humans. In fact I don’t hate anyone as to hating anyone is an active effort which requires memory and reasoning, both which I feel I am unequipped with. I however feel that we give ourselves more credit and importance than we deserve.

Talking about religion, I wish people were more humble about their identity than rubbing it on others face.I am proud to be a christian, I am proud to be a mormon, I am proud to be a hindu etc…Why have I never heard anyone say I am humble about my belief and I don’t need a social validation for it? Atheists are seen as a cohort of nefarious people who are working for satan, if they did worship anything they cease to become an atheist. There is no commercial advantage being an atheist, think about it. No social acceptance, no tax benefits, no happy festivals, no HOLIDAYS…so what drives them to the wall and brave it all?


If darkness is absence of light, why is the converse not true?



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